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Our customization of Asset Management module in ERPNext helps organizations to keep track of your business fixed assets and manage, maintenance and depreciation. Key features of the Asset Management module include:

• Asset Tracking: This feature allows businesses to track and manage fixed assets, including details such as the asset's location, owner, and current value.

• Depreciation Management: This feature helps businesses to calculate the depreciation of assets over time and generate depreciation reports.

• Maintenance Management: This feature helps businesses to schedule maintenance tasks for assets and keep track of the maintenance history for each asset.

• Disposal Management: This feature helps businesses to manage the disposal of assets, including the sale or transfer of assets to other parties.

• Asset Reports: This feature provides a centralized view of all asset-related data, including asset lists, depreciation reports, and maintenance history reports.

By using the Asset Management module in ERPNext, organizations can improve asset management processes and ensure that assets are properly maintained and accounted for.

  • Asset and asset categories
  • Asset depreciation set up
  • Asset maintenance
  • Asset reports

Asset Managment

Importing assets from your existing systems
Asset creation manually and automated ways
Creating asset categories
Managing asset insurance records

Mapping Depreciation methods for asset categories
Generate Depreciation schedules for assets

Coonfigure asset Maintenance Team
Asset Maintenance logs
Asset Value Adjustment and asset repair
Asset Capitalization Selling assets and scrapping assets

Asset maintenance reports Asset depreciation reports