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IPython stands for "Interactive Python," and it offers a more powerful and convenient alternative to the standard Python shell.

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Have you ever stumble up IPython!

 IPython stands for "Interactive Python," which is more powerful and convenient alternative to the standard Python shell. It has so many powerful features such as tab completion, syntax highlighting, history management, and object introspection.

These features make a great difference during development to enhance the overall user experience and productivity.

IPython also has rich set of tools and capabilities. At times, it may desirable to run code in a more flexible and interactive manner which supported by IPython.

Running code in a line-by-line is possible with the IPython manner. Some of the great features about IPhython, is its ability for executing blocks of code, and even running code in a parallel or distributed manner.

IPython support for the creation and execution of "Notebooks." If you are not familiar with the term Notebook, it is simply web-based documents that allow to combine code, text, and visualizations into a single interactive environment. These file content stored in .ipynb file format.

With different type of data such as codes, charts, visualizations included, we can think it even like blog post or HTML page.

Combination of data, text and visualizations make IPython a great tool for data analysis, scientific computing, and education.

You can also extend or customize, functionalities of IPython using using various extensions and plugins supported by large and active community.

IPython is component in Jupyter project. Jupyter is Web-based platform, and browser based with Interactive capabilities. Jupyter is powered by IPython acting as its python kernel. 

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