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Customization of buying module in ERPNext helps manage the procurement process for an organization. The module helps businesses to manage your suppliers, purchase orders, and bill of materials. It automates many tasks involved in the procurement process and provides a centralized view of all procurement-related data. Some key features of the Buying module in ERPNext include:

• Supplier Management: This allows businesses to manage suppliers and supplier details in a centralized database.

• Purchase Order Management: This helps businesses to create and manage purchase orders, track the status of purchase orders, and generate reports on purchase orders.

• Bill of Materials: This feature allows businesses to define the components and raw materials required for the production of a finished product.

• Item Tracking: This feature helps businesses to track items and inventory levels, including incoming deliveries and outgoing shipments.

• Material Request Management: This feature helps businesses to manage requests for materials and track the status of material requests.

Overall, the Buying module in ERPNext is designed to streamline the procurement process, help organizations make informed purchasing decisions, and provide a centralized view of procurement data to make data-driven decisions.

  • Configuring organization buying process
  • Set buying price list and pricing rules
  • Suppliers and supplier groups
  • Purchase tax setup
  • Purchase analytics & reports

Buying Modules

Generate material requests manually and automated manner
Setting up material request workflows
Requesting quotation(RFQ) from multiple suppliers
Adding suppliers quotations
Record supplier email interactions
Creating purchase order, purchase receipts and purchase invoices

Creating item price and price lists for purchase orders
Product bundle and promotional Schemes
Setting pricing rule

Setting different type of suppliers and supplier tax categories
Grouping suppliers
Set supplier credit based on your organization policies
Configure payable accounts

Set purchase tax templates
Choose purchase tax in purchase order, supplier quotation, purchase invoice.

Customised purchase report based on your business requirements
Automated purchase report on requests
Purchase Order Analysis and purchase trends
Supplier wise analysis
Procurement trackers