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Human Resource Managment(HRM)

HRM (Human Resource Management) in ERPNext opensource ERP is a module is specifically designed to handle the functions related to managing and tracking employees within an organization. These functions may include managing employee records, tracking employee attendance and time off, managing payroll and benefits, and tracking employee performance and development

We customize the HRM module to align your organizaion's HR strategies and streamline HR processes to have a single source of truth for all employee-related data

  • Employee Records
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Employee Lifecycle Management
  • Attendance and Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll
  • Expense claims

HRM Features

Employee record keeping and customize employee record information based on informational needs.
Imports employee details from existing database or software into HRM module
Employee self-service choices with permission-based access to the system
Generate various types of employee reports on organization needs.

Hiring processes are managed based on your staffing plans, job vacancies, and job openings.
HRM automates job applicant creation from email and websites.
Recruitment process can keep track of job applicants through every stage of recruitment including job offers, and job acceptance.

Based on your organization's job requirements, different types of interviews can be defined to conduct interviews of job applicants.

Module capable of integrating your training programs, and training events.
Informing trainees via email or systems notifications.
Training schedule, training results and feedback from trainees tracked in the training component.

Organization specific on boarding process can be managed
The employee’s lifecycle starts from employee on boarding, employee transfers, promotions, and employee separation which are managed
Specific on boarding and employee separation process in organization can be defined in employee Lifecycle Management

Based on different shifts in your organization, shift types can be defined
Shift requests, Shift assignment to staff including shift assignment
Approvals Shift or attendance approvals through workflows, based on your organization leave approval process.
Automate the attendance marketing from biometric devices
Processing Bulk upload of attendance from excel or CSV files

Defining the payroll period, income tax slabs
Various salary structures for job roles within an organization can be defined
Payroll module generates salary slips for employees.
Capable of bulk processing salary slips with payroll entry

Process expense claims requests
Approval workflows for expense claims approval
Employee advance request
Record expense claims and employee advance with accounting records
Report generation on expense claims, employee advances