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Project Managment

Our Project Management customization in ERPNext helps organizations to effectively plan and manage projects. Key features of the Project Management module include:

• Task Management: This feature allows businesses to create and manage tasks for projects, including the assignment of tasks to team members and the tracking of task progress.

• Time Tracking: This feature helps businesses to track the time spent on tasks, including the ability to log time and generate time reports.

• Budget Management: This feature helps businesses to manage the budget for projects, including the tracking of expenses and the generation of budget reports.

• Resource Management: This feature helps businesses to manage the resources required for projects, including the assignment of resources to tasks and the tracking of resource availability.

• Project Reports: This feature provides a centralized view of all project-related data, including task progress, budget reports, and resource utilization reports.

By using the Project Management module in ERPNext, we helps to improve your project management processes and ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with the resources available

  • Projects and Tasks
  • Time tacking with timesheet
  • Activities and activity costs
  • Project Reports

Project and Task Management

Task driven project managment
We define tasks based on your business project scenarios
Creating projects from predefined project templates
Enabking access to clients or customers to track project progress
Link project to customers or sales orders
Manage project costs and billing
Define task timeline and task priorities
Define task dependencies

Calculate billable with timesheet
Generate salary slips and sales invoice from timesheets
Determine project costs with timesheets

Add and manage activity Type and activity costs
Define activity cost records the per-hour billing rate and costing rate

Project billing report
Timesheet reports
Stock consumptions with project