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The Quality module in ERPNext helps organizations to manage quality processes effectively. Key features of the Quality module include:

• Quality Management: This feature allows businesses to define and implement quality processes, including the ability to set up quality checks and create checklists for quality inspections.

• Non-Conformance Management: This feature helps businesses to manage and track non-conformance issues, including the ability to assign corrective and preventive actions and track the resolution of issue

  • Configuring organization buying process
  • Set buying price list and pricing rules
  • Suppliers and supplier groups
  • Purchase tax setup
  • Purchase analytics & reports

Quality Module

Based on your organization quality management, quality goals and quality
procedures are defined

Records of quality meetings
Details of meeting minutes

Quality Feedback template
Create quality feedback

Set purchase tax templates
Choose purchase tax in purchase order, supplier quotation, purchase invoice.

Customised purchase report based on your business requirements
Automated purchase report on requests
Purchase Order Analysis and purchase trends
Supplier wise analysis
Procurement trackers