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The Selling module in ERPNext is a comprehensive solution for managing sales operations for businesses of all sizes. It enables the creation of various stages in the sales cycle and includes features for price management, sales tax management, and sales reporting.

We create price lists, set pricing rules, and manage shipping rules. It also provides options for product bundling and promotional schemes, as well as coupon codes for the shopping cart.

In terms of sales tax management, we set sales tax templates and choose sales tax in sales orders, quotations, and invoices.

The Sales module in ERPNext also provides sales analysis and reporting capabilities, including customized sales reports, automated sales reports on request, sales order analysis and trends, sales funnels, salesperson sales figures, sales partner commission, and territory target variance.

  • Selling Cycle with various stages of sales
  • Price lists and pricing rule
  • Sales Tax
  • Sales Analytics and Sales Reports

Sales Modules

Create quotations
Generate sales orders and sales invoices.
Create blanket orders for set predefined orders for certain time period for customers.
Adding sales partners and generate sales commissions

Creating item price and price lists for sales orders
Product bundle and promotional Schemes
Setting pricing rule
Options to create shipping Rule
Coupon Code for shopping cart

Set sales tax templates
Choose sales tax in sales order, quotation, sales invoice.

Customised sales report based on your business requirements
Automated sales report on your requests
Sales Order Analysis and sales trends
Sales Funnel
Sales person Sales figures
Sales Partners Commission
Territory Target Variance