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Our customization of Stock module in ERPNext helps organizations manage inventory and stock levels effectively. Key features of the Stock module include:

• Stock Management: This feature allows businesses to keep track of stock levels, including the ability to set reorder levels and receive stock notifications when levels fall below a certain threshold.

• Inventory Management: This feature helps businesses to manage inventory, including the ability to track stock movement and generate inventory reports.

• Purchase Management: This feature helps businesses to manage purchases, including the creation of purchase orders and the tracking of purchase invoices and payments.

• Sales Management: This feature helps businesses to manage sales, including the creation of sales orders and invoices and the tracking of customer payments.

• Stock Reports: This feature provides a centralized view of all stock-related data, including stock levels, inventory reports, and sales reports.

  • Configuring organization buying process
  • Set buying price list and pricing rules
  • Suppliers and supplier groups
  • Purchase tax setup
  • Purchase analytics & reports


Grouping items based on your products or services
Adding product price list and product prices
Shipping rules and price rules
Choices to make product bundle
Serial No and Batch
Serial No Batch processing

Issue Material Request
Auto generate material requests when stock reach certain level in warehouse
Adding workflows for material requests for approval
Record stock transactions such as Stock Entry , Delivery Note and Purchase Receipt
Pick List Delivery Trip

Stock Ledger
Stock Balance Stock
Projected Qty
Wise Stock Balance

Stock Reconciliation
Landed Cost Voucher
Packing Slip
Quality Inspection Quality Inspection