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We customize Support module in ERPNext for customer service and support which is integrated with the rest of the ERP platform. The purpose of this module is to help organizations manage and resolve customer support requests efficiently and effectively.

Some of the key features of the Support module in ERPNext include:

Ticket Management: This feature allows organizations to create, manage, and track customer support tickets in a centralized repository.

Customer Communication: The module provides tools for communicating with customers, such as email and phone support.

Knowledge Base: Organizations can use this feature to create a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers that customers can access to resolve common issues.

Escalation and SLA Management: The module includes tools for managing and monitoring service level agreements (SLAs) and for escalating tickets to higher levels of support if necessary.

Reporting and Analytics: The module provides reporting and analytics tools to help organizations track performance metrics and make data-driven decisions about support operations.

  • Process Warranty claims
  • Maintenance and generate Maintenance Schedule
  • Issues or support tickets
  • Configure issue escalation to different levels of support

Support Module

Process Warranty claims
Warranty Claim on products or services
Resolution tracking

Generate Maintenance Schedule
Record and track Maintenance Visit

Handle Issues
Creating Issue Issue
Defining Issue Priority
Multiple levels of support with issue escalation